Gene Inspector  v.

The Gene Inspector (GI) software program is a unique combination of a versatile electronic laboratory notebook, a comprehensive DNA and protein sequence analysis package, and a powerful illustration tool.

Gene Designer  v.2.0.162

Gene Designer encompasses a complete and visually rich set of tools to bring your creative ideas to completion.


Gene Construction Kit  v.

Gene Construction Kit is a biosoftware that graphically manipulates DNA.

Gene Set Enrichment Analysis  v.2 7

Gene Set Enrichment Analysis (GSEA) is a computational method that determines whether an a priori defined set of genes shows statistically significant, concordant differences between two biological states .

Gene Machine: The Lac Operon  v.1.03

Gene Machine: The Lac Operon create gene networks. Build a gene network! The lac operon is a set of genes which are responsible for the metabolism of lactose in some bacterial cells.

Gene Studio  v.0.71

DNA manipulation made easy. Gene Studio is a utility for design and analysis of DNA molecules. It also allow to estimate molecular weight of a protein. It can be used for modeling of molecular cloning, sequence analysis and review of DNA molecules.

PaGE (Patterns from Gene Expression)  v.5.0.1

PaGE (Patterns from Gene Expression) is free downloadable program for microarray analisys. PaGE can be used to produce sets of differentially expressed genes with confidence measures attached.

Gene Visualizer  v.1.0

Gene Visualizer is a software for visually exploring genes. Gene Visualizer display an organisms genes visually. The software takes two sets of genes as input. One is a list of an organisms predicted genes,

Alpha-Gene  v.

You tap fasty fast? addictive fun game for fun and tap go go!! Alpha-Gene is a mind bendingly fast puzzle game, think Bejeweled fused with your favourite 2-D shooter. Correctly sequence DNA and create new life all accompanied by a

Gene's Recipe Cards  v.1.0

Gene's Recipe Cards allows you to organize your recipes in eight re-namable categories for quick access and browsing.

Conrad CRF Engine & Gene Caller  v.rc

Conrad is both a high performance Conditional Random Field engine which can be applied to a variety of machine learning problems and a specific set of models for gene prediction using semi-Markov CRFs.

Disease Gene Profiler  v.1.0.2

Disease Gene Profiler (DGP) comprises of a set of (bioinformatics) tools that can be used to identify the genes underlying susceptibility to common multifactorial diseases (such as diabetes, asthma and cancer) using freely available datasources.

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